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Change Detection Service by Image

  • This service provides easy-to-use and added-value products from optical satellite images. 

  • We can provide high frequency and spatial resolution.

  • This service will apply machine learning (ML) to classify spatial pattern and detect pattern change.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 

NDVI is one of most powerful and trusted indices used in remote sensing for agriculture and environmental monitoring. It measures the difference between visible (red light absorbed by vegetation) and near-infrared (NIR light reflected from vegetation) to create a detailed mapping of the vegetation density and its photosynthetic vigor. Our service provides you with reliable NDVI data from a wide range of satellite imagery covering large and diverse geographical areas at a competitively low cost. 

With our product, farmers can gain a valuable insight into their crop growth and its health while being armed with actionable information that will help maximize the yield and reduce the production loss over time.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 
Land cover classification

Land cover classification

We provide land cover classification from various satellite images. This product will be automatically processed by machine learning (ML) to classify land cover such as urban, water, agriculture, bare land and forest. LCC can be used for monitoring land cover and change with a specific time. 

Benefiting from state-of-the art Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technology , we could see land cover changing through time from monitoring day-to-day and year-to-year.  Short-term monitoring could provide a sudden changes such as land-slide, flooding, deforestation. In case of year-to-year changing would be influenced to urban changing, urban expansion.

Land cover classification

Crop pattern change

Our crop pattern change service provides dynamic phenology of crop changes from year to year in field-scale level using our developed Machine learning model. By monitoring from one crop type to others such as growing rice in 2019, and be abandoned area in 2020.

Benefiting to optimize the cost of local government or private sector could obtain land information changing of large number of farms,  also could investigate and manage the local farm through Satellite imagery. 


Use Case

Our time-series machine learning model could differentiate rice planting areas and others in Ube, Japan by using our crop pattern change from year to year, we have monitored in field-levels to observe the pattern of changing 2019 to 2021

Our time-series machine learning model could differentiate rice planting areas and others


Change Detection Service by SAR

  • This service provides easy-to-use and added-value products from SAR signal. 

  • We can provide high frequency and spatial resolution.

Monitoring of ground deformation 

Monitoring of ground deformation 

We provide monitoring of infrastructure (e.g., buildings, roads) and surface movement by signal from SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sensor which can be observed in any atmospheric conditions. 
With the technique of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSInSAR), it is a powerful technique to monitor precise of ground deformation at millimeter level.
Land deformation and monitoring change of infrastructure (road, bridge and building) are good for local government or private sector to obtain changing information such as area of subsidence and up-lifting in order to manage and prevent extensive damage in the future.

PSInSAR for monitoring tunnel construction area

Construction of underground tunnels can induce land subsidence. PSInSAR technique can be implemented to monitor surface deformation monitoring during and after construction.

PSInSAR for monitoring tunnel construction area

PSInSAR for monitoring airport runway

Deformation monitoring at airport runways is important for maintenance and minimizing effects from geotechnical instability and the loadover from the use of the infrastructure. 

PSInSAR for monitoring airport runway


Solution service with change detection

  • Beside our main service: change detection by image and detection by SAR, we also provide more specific solutions to meet the needs and budget of our customers. We realizes low-priced services by combining free satellite data and paid satellite data.


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