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We are certified as a J-Startup WEST selected company

We would like to inform you that New Space Intelligence Inc. has been certified as a [J-Startup WEST selected company] as one of the promising startup companies spreading from the Western Honshu region to the nationwide and around the world!

"J-Startup" was established to provide active support to outstanding startup companies selected by the private sector and the Japanese government, and to create a model for success for startups.

And "J-Startup WEST" aims to support new entrepreneurs and startup companies in the Western Honshu region, create their success stories, and strengthen the startup ecosystem in the Western Honshu region.

This time, 22 companies from the Western Honshu region were selected.

NSI, our mission is to "organize satellite data and make it usable and accessible to anyone from anywhere," and we use satellite data to solve our customers' problems.

We will continue to work diligently to develop our services from here in Yamaguchi Prefecture to the world!


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