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Provide Satellite Data
Pipeline Services

Our services benefit to all users to be easily accessible Satellite data.

Satellite Data Pipeline Services


To solve your business problems with Satellite technology are time consuming and require an amount of technical expertise. How hard to select and operate Satellite imagery. What we provide for you through our NSI services

Change Detection Service by Image
Change Detection Service by SAR
Solution Service by Satellite Data

How It Works

Satellite Selection

Increasing the number of observation satellites, selecting the best choice of satellites required domain experts and skillful experiences.  How do you select the best satellite that fits with your business requirement? We provide the right choice of satellite selection through our satellite data pipeline. You focus on your business problems, our satellite data pipeline will help you on the best selection.

Satellite Availability

An availability of earth observation satellite data from different resolution, temporal, and sensors with right needs are important. Sometimes clouds could be the big problem of using satellites for your analysis. Also, how to know which satellite is available for your problem. We match your needs with  the available satellite data.


Interpreting optical and SAR satellite images from small areas to large coverages requires technical and scientific experts to translate digital numbers to human knowledge. Also, computation to open the whole scene satellite could be a burden. What if our satellite data pipeline could digest all the data, and provide you only what you need with the easiest way of interpretation.

Cost Customization

Costs of satellite data are various based on your requirement and usage. From low to high resolution, and optical to microwave, small area to large coverage, the prices could be different. Following your budget, our satellite data pipeline could be customized.

Analysis-ready products

We provide you with the analysis-ready product meaning all the complex analysis, our satellite data pipeline could be done for you, such as statistical analysis, machine learning, time series analysis, clustering , optimization and big data analysis. We will process Satellite data for you, you could bring our analyzed products integrated with your business data.

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We provide “Satellite Data Pipeline Services”
Our services benefit to all users to be easily accessible Satellite data.

We provide satellite data pipeline services to respond quickly and optimize to user requests for satellite data that continues to grow at tremendous speeds.


The purpose is to provide a series of processes of satellite data selection, fusion, analysis, and provision according to the customer's purpose, budget, frequency of use, and range with a Optimized and Automated services


CEO Message

" With satellite data, we have ability to understand our past, observe the present, and foresight our future. Space is much closer than we once imagined and satellite data is a mountain of treasure that is available to everyone.

NSI uses satellite data to provide services that help solve our customers' problems. The launch of many small satellites became a game changer in the use of satellite data. With the introduction of  Satellite Data Pipeline Service, NSI is striving to be a leading provider in the satellite data utilization and integration. Why don't you approach your problem with "the satellite’s perspective" in mind?
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