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Raised 30 million Yen in Third-Party Allotment of New Shares

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

New Space Intelligence Inc. (Head office: Ube City, Yamaguchi, Japan; President: Yumiko Nagai; hereinafter "NSI"), which provides infrastructure monitoring and other services using satellite data, announces that we have raised a total of 30 million yen through a third-party allotment of new shares to Fun Fun Drive Investment Limited Partnership which is administrated by Yamaguchi Capital. com, Chuden Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd. and a private investor.

NSI will develop an automated "satellite data pipeline" platform for infrastructure monitoring using satellite data with this raised fund. NSI plans to complete the development by March of next year and deploys infrastructure monitoring services.

"Create a future everyone can utilize satellite data with Satelliete Data Pipline."


Anomaly and change detection services through the Satellite Data Pipeline

There are many different types of satellites in the world, and the analysis methods used to obtain the necessary information differ for each satellite data. This requires a wide range of expertise and highly specialized techniques. NSI "selects" the best satellites from a wide variety of satellite and "integrates" satellite data according to the customer's objectives, budget, and frequency to achieve lower cost and higher frequency. Also, NSI "analyzes" the data in an optimal method and “provides” the result to the customer in an easy-to-use way. NSI develops an automated platform called "Satellite Data Pipeline" which systemizes these series of processes, that is "Satellite selection", "Integration", "Analysis" and "Provision”. NSI can analyze time-series data with a long period of past satellite data, then detect unusual “anomalies” with AI technology. NSI provides services to solve customers' problems by informing them of these "anomalies" and "points of change"

Comment from Yumiko Nagai, CEO of NSI

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Yamaguchi Capital and Chuden Engineering Consultants for their investment in our company. With the investment from the two VC firms and an individual investor, we will continue to develop "Satellite Data Pipeline" which is our own satellite data analysis platform. Our mission is to create a future everyone can utilize satellite data with "Satellite Data Pipeline". To achieve this mission and to contribute to the safety and security of society using satellite data, we are determining to develop our platform with the funds.

Comment from Mr. Tatsuya Furudo, Representative Director of Yamaguchi Capital. Com

When we first heard about NSI's business idea, we strongly felt that they would be a leading player in the satellite data utilization market, and we supported them from the planning of business strategy. With their solid strengths of satellite data systemization and global team members, we expect New Space Intelligence to become a world-class company from Yamaguchi prefecture.

Comment from Mr. Toshiro Tsuboi, President of Chuden Engineering Consultants Co., LTD

NSI’s "Satellite Data Pipeline" is a service that selects, integrates, and analyzes the best of a wide variety of satellite data that customers really want, a technology that will bring new value to the field of public infrastructure management and monitoring. We look forward to the development of this world-class service from the China region, led by CEO Nagai who is an expert in satellite data and her team of many talents.

About New Space Intelligence Inc.

NSI supports the safety and security of society by using satellite data to answer questions such as "Where a problem is happening?” and "What will happen in the future?”With the "Satellite Data Pipeline," we are developing our business with the aim of creating a future in which everyone can utilize satellite data.

<Company Profile>

Company name : New Space Intelligence Inc.

Head Office : 329-22 Nishikiwa, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

CEO : Yumiko Nagai

Establishment : November 2, 2021

HP :


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